Monday, 18 July 2011

An acoustic number from my past.

The one who sang the song.

This is a song whch I must have written in my mid-twenties, I am now in my sixtieth decade. It is one of a few which I am recording in memory of Kath, a very close cousin who died from cancer three years ago. It is only the fifth one that i have posted on You Tube but I am hoping for many more. The original recording was "Going To The City", and you may like to remind yourself of the reason for this blog; more details of the background in my very first post.

Anyway, here is the video, I have started to see how many different hats I can wear, LOL. BTW, You will notice that I have fluffed the lyrics in the first part of the break, Just shows that I am not re-recording to cover my mistakes, and apart from a couple of run throughs to sort out the chords, it is the first time that I have sung it for years. As I say, almost totally unrehearsed and mostly long forgotten.

As I said I hope to be posting many more songs in the very near future, I am even considering how to do a proper demo version of one or two of them, requesting help from my sons who are far more accomplished musicians than I am. They have my love of music and grew up with a head start with access to instuments to feed their desires to produce great music. I don't have any videos to show of  my younger son's (the guitarist and singer) performances but my older lad ( keyboards) has started posting examples of his work on You Tube, he is into the technical aspects of keyboards but his ability can be heard in this version of Equinox by Michel Jarre.

and also in this version of "1492 Conquest of Pardise", by Vangelis.

Or hear one of his own compositions in a previous post

Hope to be back soon with more music.

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