Monday, 20 March 2017

New Video, The Nearness Of You

OK I know it's not really new, but I have only just started learning this great Hoagy Carmichael song which I heard on Rod Stewart's album, the American Songbook.

I am so fond of beautiful melodies and meaningful lyrics, I just had to download a copy of the songsheet and see how it sounded on the old uke. This is not the first run thru but almost so. I do advocate anyone learning how to play record themselves - doesn't have to be a video - to hear objectively how they are improving; or conversely where they need to improve.

Anyway, here it is warts and all:-

More photos of ukulele central UK in concert

Just a few more images of Ukulele Central in concert, etc. Hoping to capture a few memories of some of our earlier performances.

 Poster photo of the group at 2016 Beer Festival at LRSC

Presentation of cheque to Headway at 2016 Christmas party;
it's in the envelope, honest!

2015 Ukulele Extravaganza

Outdoor concert at Family Fun Day, 

Christmas 2014

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Ukulele Central in concert

As many of you know by now Ukulele Central UK gives many concerts at many different functions. Some we perform at for free, although a small donation helps in our charitable work. Many of our concerts are for charitable functions/orgaisations. Our latest - and something we are looking forward to is to play at the BBC CARFEST music festivals held to raise money for children in need. Can't say too much about these yet but should be happening in July and August this year.

We have played at residential homes, private parties, ladies night at the masonic lodge in Moseley, A ukulele festival at Warwick Racecourse (our first big occasion). We have played at at least three beer festivals for different organisations. We have given concerts at Church Halls and WI  and I must not forget our christmas parties. One of our most enjoyable performances was a day with The Severn Valley Railway. Maybe I should say more about this in its own post.

Concert at the WI Solihull

Our Christmas party 2016

Note: this blog is a personal view and any bookings, etc, should be discussed with our group leader for before finalisation.

Ukulele Central UK

I thought thta I would give a little shout out for the Ukulele Group I belong to, Everybody welcome, as long as you bring your uke and your vocal chords. We are a part of the Land Rover Social Club which means that we can use the facilities whic mostly means a private room twice a month but also consideration if we need rehearsal space at other times. And of course the main concert room for our annual charity etravaganza.

check out the Land Rover Social Club Site

Ukulele Central UK

Are you interested in getting together with fellow strummers for some fun
a drink and a Sing-a-long, playing songs from the 60’s 70’s 80’s etc.

Any age, any ability.
If so come and join us at
Land Rover Sports And Social Club
The 1st & 3rd Wed of every month

If you are interested email Phil at:

For more information Call:
Phil Beevers On:
07940 423 127 or 01564 898 932

Here's is the poster for the 2016 Extravaganza, at the end of the day we had a massed band of over 120 ukulele players from around Birmingham and the Midlands strumming and singing at the same time.

My Collection of Uke's is Growing ...

I did forget one thing which I thought I might have shared. On the header, I introduced a photo of two ukuleles. Well I have to report that my collection of these instruments is growing - much to my wifes annoyance, specially when I still have several guitars which as I said last time I am not really using any more. So here is a sneak view of the growing collection.

It is called UAS or ukulele acquisition syndrome; something that many ukulele players suffer from. There appears to be no known cure and can last for years.
Wow, I do seem to have forgotten this site!

So much to do and so little time; so what has kept me away? Well work and family life of course, but what do I do with my spare time? Let me see ...

I get a few evenings a week to myself nowadays and one or two of these are available for music. This is almost exclusively covered by the ukulele at the moment. I don't think I have picked up a guitar in ages. Oh, except for one recording I made recently. I wanted to do a short instrumental lead-in and the ukulele simply does not have enough sustain, even when amplified to make it sound as I wanted it. So, I had to  press an acoustic guitar into use - just for a couple of bars though.

This was a cover of the song made popular by Josh Grobban, You raise me up. Lots of people have recorded it since then and why not it is a great melody.

Listen to Raise Me Up on "YouListen" (Not a site I would recommend because of extensive nag screens and advertising although it pushes itself as a fee site. But it is convenient so as not to use up too much of the free time I use on "SoundCloud".)

I hope to put up a better link soon.

The ukulele group, UkuleleCentral UK has gone from strength to strength and we have had a succession of gigs, which keep us busy. This photo shows the group at our second birthday extravaganza that we held in support of a cancer charity, Get Ahead, and for the second time we raised over £1000 for this very special organisation.

That's me on the extreme right. We vary the number of players at our gigs depending upon time (some of us still work) and place/occasion. For example this net photo shows us at a local school fete.

This time I have pointed myself out with the red arrow. And just one more photo set for this post .... This was from a day long gig on the Severn Valley Railway. We split our numbers into two and rode up and down the line from Bridgenorth to Kidderminster and played at stations along the way. And gave impromptu performances on the trains between the stations. As a final act, we met up at the recently improved visitor centre and played through our set as a single band. A lot of fun was had by all of us and some of the paying travellers as well.

Final act in the visitor centre

in the guard's van and one of our more sophisticated fans on the day

The first set of the day at Kidderminster

OK I believe that is enough for this post, don't want to bore you too much. I will say however that most places we visit for a gig often lead to repeat bookings, We will play at anywhere, anytime withing reason. But being a community group rather than a "band" we do need to be able to get enough volunteers to play at some times of the week/day. Certainly, we expect this trip on the railway to be repeated.

Monday, 3 October 2016

Magic Fly - Space (Cover by Kaibakorg)

Just a quick nod to number one son who has recreated thte track by Space; Playing all parts (live) and even creating a video to go with it. Hope you like it!