Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Hank Marvin Playing Brian May's Version of The Shadows Hit FBI

What? Is that what it seems, you betcha!

I have just found this video on You Tube by accident and the title spells it out exactly. It is performed live in Hank's UK tour of 1997. he was joined on that tour by son Ben, Mark Griffiths and Warren Bennet.

You may know of the 1996 album TWANG, which was a tribute to The Shadows by a number of the foremost axemen from the world of rock. I wrote about this album in my own tribute to Hank Marvin which is now on HubPages.  One of the tracks was Brian May playing his version of FBI which of course was made into a hit by The Shadows.

In the video,Hank explains that he is going to play FBI as played by Brian May, playing The Shadows Hit. It's not really that complicated, just take your time if you are having trouble, LOL. So here it is, and what a fantastic pair Hank and Ben make on this number.

I have been away for a while due to unavoidable circumstances but I hope that I shall be posting regularly again if infrequently for a little while until things are rally on an even keel.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

I have just discovered Gypsy Fire, have you?

Another show at Solihull library Theatre. This time to see a band, GYPSY FIRE which I had not heard of. I was intrigued by the poster and on the spot bought tickets.

A real shame that the auditorium was so empty, if you have not yet had a chance to see / hear this band do yourself a favour and make sure to go and find out what I am talking about if they are appearing close to you.

I did not really know what to expect but I could not believe my ears. A journey thru styles and time the announcement said; and wow, it kicked off like an atomic bomb.

The show was in four parts. the first was classical favourites - explosive and driving, I was stamping my feet and working hard to keep up with the beat. The second was swing jazz. Again, a stunning performance of old favourites with lots of improvisation. The speed and delivery of the pieces were astounding. Part 3 was from music the movies, this slowed the whole thing down but again stunning. Part four was original music written by the band making use of the various sources we had heard from so far.

I was so taken with their music that in the interval, rather than heading for the bar, I made for their mechandising sound and bought a double CD based on the show. And just to prove it:-

I can't give you examples of the music from this but some examples can be found on their web-site. They do have one You Tube video available and of course here it is:

I am looking forward to seeing these four wonderful musicians again soon, maybe the CD will have to do for a while but I reckon I will be looking for more.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

The Furies and Davy Arthur - When you were sweet sixteen

And now for something different ...

One of my favourite songs, one which in my own far from acceptable way I have recorded and posted to You Tube. I will not desspoil this great version by including my own here but you can hear it, if only out of interest on the original post here.

Anyway, I bring up this song and the artists because tonight I am going to see the Furies in concert. I very much hope to hear this song live and am certain that it will not have lost any of its charm.

Here is another by the Furies, a very fitting tribute in this the 100th anniversary year of the start of the 1st World War.


And one last song, When I grow too old to dream

Friday, 18 April 2014

A new companion site to this blog

I have for sometime been considering if a blog is the right way to proceed with what I had intended for this aspect of my on-line writing.

In the beginning, it was to be about my songwriting and songs, perhaps with a nod towards my other interests in music. As it turns out it has become more of a reminiscence of the groups I loved when I was growing up, especially The Shadows of course.

As it has become clear that I now think in terms of poetry and other forms of creative writing rather than lyric/songwriting, I think the time is right to think about a static web-site to cover the early part of my life and my musical interests. This will not I think change dramatically in the near future, so it seems more appropriate than a blog. I have today published such a website, which will allow me to develop this blog as a way of remembering the sixties music which I remember with more than a little fondness.

You can see the new web-site now. Although it will expand a little as I record more of my older material (and perhaps even new material) or change as I make better recordings than I have available at present, It will stay essentially as a record of where I am now.

As for the songwriting, there are two articles on Squidoo which contain the essential information that I have to offer. There are many more song-writing blogs which can be accessed which are kept up to date in a way which I now find difficult. The two articles are:-

I hope you will find these article useful sources of information.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Do You Remember The Searchers?

!963 saw The Searchers burst on to the UK pop scene with their first single, "Sweets For My Sweet". By the end of 1964 I had more albums by them than by The Beatles, a group some of you may remember hailed from Liverpool, UK. Which by coincidence was also the home town of The Searchers. They also played in Hamburg and gave the Beatles a run for their money.

Hear that first single on a live TV show from 1963

You can read more about this great group on their official web site, the line-up, like alll groups has changed from the original but the John Mcnally (lead guitar and vocals) is still showing how its done. If you want an unbiased run down of their history then you can always use the Wikipedia article on the band which contains largely the same information but perhaps more clearly displayed.

Another more modern version of one of their 1964 hits, When You Walk In The Room, it always was a favourite of mine:


Unfortunately, the sound tends to fade irregularly thru' the video but the music is there. From either of these videos you can of course  find many others on You tube.

I still feel the sixties was the most innovative decade for pop music, what do you think?

Friday, 21 March 2014

Bruce Welch - Vocalist

I write often and with feeling about The Shadows; usually with Hank Marvin in the lead position because they were a guitar instrumental group and Hank was their lead guitarist. However, they did record and perform many vocal numbers. At these times Bruce often came into his own. Although both he and Hank sang some great harmonies reminiscent of The Everly Brothers in the early years; and later on in the MW&F days they were much more performing in a US West Coast Style.

In this post I want to feature Bruce and his vocal performances. I don't think this song from a live performance circa 2000 was ever recorded, but I know I love the song.

This next clip is Bruce's only solo single. Another brilliant song and performance:


Mind you, I always preferred this number which was the "B" side to the single:


 Well I will leave it there for now, but if you are curious, try searching for Bruce Welch on You Tube; you may be surprised.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

50 years ago, The Shadows singles

At the start of 1964, The Shadows released "Theme For Young Lovers" written by Bruce Welsh. Around this time the effect of the rise in the new beat groups and the Liverpool sound was being felt and unfortunately as a single it only reached #12 in the UK charts. A good spot, but not quite up to the heights which The Shadows were accustomed to.

This is a live version from The Shads on their final Tour before packing their guitars away, metaphorocally speaking of course.

In order to try and raise their game their next single was a more up-tempo, slightly jazzy piece; The Rise And Fall Of Flingle Bunt. It reached #5 in the UK. Here, again from the Final Tour.

There followed two more singles in 1964, Rythm and Greens (highest spot #22) from the short feature film of the same name, and Genie with the light brown lamp from thie palladium pantomine (also starring their vocalist, Cliff Richard) (highest position #17.

Read more about the Shadows and Hank Marvin on my article, Hank Marvin, The Shadows and Beyond