Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Ukulele: San Francisco Bay Blues Cover

The best laid plans o'mice and men gang aft agley - Burns.

Well I thought that the song I mentioned in my last post would be the next for the YouTube treatment. But I came across this blues number from Eric Clapton - I loved it and as the chord chart was in one of the songbooks from Ukulele Central UK, the club/group I have joined, I decided to make it happen (LOL, Jean Luc Goddard).

So here it is, a first go at "San Francisco Bay Blues" on the ukulele. I used my new Gretch 9120 tenor.

Whilst in the get-up, I decided to replace a video on the Tube which for some reason I do not understand was very unfocused. Focus great now - pity about the vocal.

I will be doing "Hold Back The River" and most probably "Livin' On A Prayer", but later.