Sunday, 26 April 2015

Ukulele Concert - Sing Along - April

Just a very quick post to say how much I enjoyed the concert that the ukulele club/group put on for a local "old folks home", or a senior living residence as they call it. Although we originally offered to play for free (or perhaps a cuppa, during the break), a fee was offered and we did take it as we were told the home had a budget for theses occasions and we do need to save up for a PA system for the club.

Although some unkind people have talked of a captive audience, we had lots of great feedback from the staff and many of the old folk had joined in with the singing. The events organiser even asked us to return for a pre-christmas concert (and perhaps we could fit in one before then as well?). On top of that, we were asked to play at another location also. so the one concert begat another three - impressive!

Here I am with our new club polo shirt, a fetching purple with an embroidered motif on the left-hand shoulder - natty isn't it? The hat is optional. I had just done a video of "Dedicated Follower Of Fashion", a classic from The Kinks. A forthcoming release on this blog in the very near future, LOL.

With another concert  (??) coming up soon at the beginning of next month, we feel that after such a short time the club (now numbering some 50 signed up singers/players) is doing very well to get our name known around the area.

A video was taken of the event and hopefully will be available at our next club night, maybe I will be able to share a few stills with you.