Thursday, 1 January 2015

Improving My Ukulele Skills

Whilst I hope I do not seem to be in any way self-satisfied, I do think my uke playing has improved greatly since joining the group which I mentioned a couple of posts ago.

 Can you see the concentration on my face in this shot?

Playing with a large group has definitely many things to recommend it. Of course it is all about enjoying an evening strumming and singing (and partaking of a little refreshment), but keeping up with the group really helps to concentrate the mind on getting your fingers to those chords. And it doesn't matter if you flunk a chord change anyway ... simply carry on regardless.

The christmas concert I mentioned (also designed to be a night of fun) went down very well with both the group and our audience. The event was enjoyed by all. Practising for this also gave an impetus to improving general playing skills.

Another still from one of my video recordings. These 
are really helpful to see where and what needs improving.

Now to the real reason for this post, I have made a few sound recordings and placed them on a site called YourListen dot com. Thus allowing me to embed the recordings in this blog and other sites. 
I have selected three for the first batch. I am quite pleased with these and would like to to share them with you.

Upload Music Files - Audio Hosting - All I Have To Do Is Dream, E...
Embed Music - Upload Audio - You're Beautiful And You're ...
Upload Music Files - Share Audio - peggy sue - cover on ukulele

Can you see the change in facial attitude in this still? 
A smile of all things ...

Well that's all for now folks. Hope to be back soon with those promised Elvis videos from You Tube.