Sunday, 8 February 2015

Just Missed Ukulele Day

Last week I heard that there was a "World Day" called "Play your Ukulele Day". Check it out.

And with the revelation was an added fact that 250,000 ukuleles were sold last year in the UK. It wasn't all me, I promise. I have been looking for a second Uke for what may become a collection however. Do I want a smaller soprano uke (my first is a concert), or should I try out a tenor and see if there is more room for my fingers on the fretboard. Watch this space!

I am still adding tracks of songs I am practising; mainly to get an objective view of what (hopefully) progress I am making.

My latest two are songs I learnt from Joe Brown  records and concerts. The first was hugely popular when Joe played it to close the Concert For George at The Albert Hall. I loved this song and it is possibly the one song which made me acquire a ukulele for myself.

The second here, is a simple song which Joe co-wrote with a well established UK writer when they met up in Nashville, he just happened to have a uke with him. You just have to admire the simplicity of the song, at least I do!

Hope you like them.

BTW, the club I have joined now has a couple of further gigs lined up. Both are at retirement homes and we are looking forward to bringing a little music into the residents lives. The only issue is that our second songbook (courtesy of our founder) is now containing songs like "Living On A Prayer" - Bon Jovi and "The Summer Of 69" - Bryan Adams. We might have to leave them out of the running order for those gigs. LOL.

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  1. That outro on the first song needs a little (?) work. LOL