Sunday, 28 December 2014

My Very First LP Album, Elvis' Golden Records

In everyone's life there is at least one record which signifies something important to the person concerned. This record was the first LP I bought as a young teenager. I am not sure if I bought it on its release in 1958 but it must have been very soon afterwards. I remember I had my very own Dansette automatic record player as a birthday present by mom's sister and it was soon found a place in my bedroom where I could play my (then) meagre record collection. Up until then I had had to play my records on a large radiogram in the living room of my parents house. The cabinet of that monster must have been four foot long and it stood in a corner of that room as if it owned the place.

But on that day, I remember taking my birthday money down to the local record shop and rifling through the albums (or should I call them LP's?) which I had never really thought were within my reach financially. That purchase had to be a special buy. Something I really wanted!

I took out a copy of Elvis's Golden Records (who would have thought there would ultimately be five volumes?) and it opened like a book. Of course now I know that it was what is called a gatefold album cover, but the photographs were amazing. I had heard of Elvis, who hadn't but he wasn't the name which he became. I had heard of one or two of the tracks however and thought this could be the record that I spent my money on. I acted on impulse and took the record to the counter and asked tentatively to hear it. I was directed to a booth where I put on the earphones and wow, that was it. Hound Dog assailed my ears, I did not need to hear any more although of course I did. I wanted to seem to be adult and listen for a while as if to make my mind up.

I have never regretted buying that record. Elvis quickly became my favourite singer and over fifty years later still is although I am more drawn to those early days than to either the movie or the latter years. The simple rock and roll music, great songs and meaningful (usually) lyrics have as far as I am concerned stood the test of time. I love singing and know all the songs on this (and other Elvis recordings) backwards.

I don't belive that these songs need anything to be said of them, they were the start of the teenage revolution and changed the world for ever. In 1999 this album was reported as having 6X platinum sales in the states. A real piece of history. Of course there are other media if you just want to listen to the songs but this gatefold album will always have a special place in my memory.

Maybe I will post a few You Tube Vids to celebrate some of these songs. Amazing that I have not mentioned Elvis before now on this blog.