Saturday, 22 March 2014

Bruce Welch - Vocalist

I write often and with feeling about The Shadows; usually with Hank Marvin in the lead position because they were a guitar instrumental group and Hank was their lead guitarist. However, they did record and perform many vocal numbers. At these times Bruce often came into his own. Although both he and Hank sang some great harmonies reminiscent of The Everly Brothers in the early years; and later on in the MW&F days they were much more performing in a US West Coast Style.

In this post I want to feature Bruce and his vocal performances. I don't think this song from a live performance circa 2000 was ever recorded, but I know I love the song.

This next clip is Bruce's only solo single. Another brilliant song and performance:


Mind you, I always preferred this number which was the "B" side to the single:


 Well I will leave it there for now, but if you are curious, try searching for Bruce Welch on You Tube; you may be surprised.

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