Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Do You Remember The Searchers?

!963 saw The Searchers burst on to the UK pop scene with their first single, "Sweets For My Sweet". By the end of 1964 I had more albums by them than by The Beatles, a group some of you may remember hailed from Liverpool, UK. Which by coincidence was also the home town of The Searchers. They also played in Hamburg and gave the Beatles a run for their money.

Hear that first single on a live TV show from 1963

You can read more about this great group on their official web site, the line-up, like alll groups has changed from the original but the John Mcnally (lead guitar and vocals) is still showing how its done. If you want an unbiased run down of their history then you can always use the Wikipedia article on the band which contains largely the same information but perhaps more clearly displayed.

Another more modern version of one of their 1964 hits, When You Walk In The Room, it always was a favourite of mine:


Unfortunately, the sound tends to fade irregularly thru' the video but the music is there. From either of these videos you can of course  find many others on You tube.

I still feel the sixties was the most innovative decade for pop music, what do you think?

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