Thursday, 6 March 2014

50 years ago, The Shadows singles

At the start of 1964, The Shadows released "Theme For Young Lovers" written by Bruce Welsh. Around this time the effect of the rise in the new beat groups and the Liverpool sound was being felt and unfortunately as a single it only reached #12 in the UK charts. A good spot, but not quite up to the heights which The Shadows were accustomed to.

This is a live version from The Shads on their final Tour before packing their guitars away, metaphorocally speaking of course.

In order to try and raise their game their next single was a more up-tempo, slightly jazzy piece; The Rise And Fall Of Flingle Bunt. It reached #5 in the UK. Here, again from the Final Tour.

There followed two more singles in 1964, Rythm and Greens (highest spot #22) from the short feature film of the same name, and Genie with the light brown lamp from thie palladium pantomine (also starring their vocalist, Cliff Richard) (highest position #17.

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