Tuesday, 10 December 2013

A ballad, "Killing The Blues", my next goal

I heard this song again this week by Joe Brown; and hearing him mention John Prine I also listened to this American singer on You Tube. And from there discovered so many great versions of this same song. See what you think of Joe's version.


In fact I was so taken by the song I downloaded the lyrics (either see them on the link to John Prine's video, above or google to find the lyrics with chords) and determined to add my own version to my You Tube channel. I am going to take a little more time now though, less of the "here I am, take it or leave it" attitude, I can do that on Soundcloud, LOL.

Anyway, I will be learning to play this one on my ukelele, so stay in touch to find out when I think it is good enough to record.