Sunday, 5 January 2014

RIP Phil Everly

After a christmas break, so sad to learn of the death of Phil Everly.

The Everly brothers were one of my earliest influences when I was learning to play the guitar. Great songs, rock and roll and ballads, and like many popular songs of the era easy to play. I remember I had several books of their sheet music (yes I can read music) and a number of their early albums.

If you need a reminder here is a video with two of there most famous hits from the early days. 

I must admit that since their break-up I have had little personal knowledge of the Everlies career apart from their reunion concert. I did have the good fortune however to see them on a UK tour in 1963; starring with Bo Diddley and Little Richard, the suppport acts also included a little known London group called the Rolling Stones, who had just had their first record in the charts that year.

I have enjoyed the early music of The Everlies and often play those old vinyl LP's with so many old favourites which were hits for the lads. I wonder how many acts who followed were influenced by their music.

Thanks lads for all the good times and enjoyment, If you want to read more from me on their music and that show try my short Squidoo article.

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