Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Wintersmith: A great Book and now a great CD

Wintersmith one of The Disc World Novels by Terry Pratchett and now a fantastic concept album from Steeleye Span.

Went to a concert on Steeleye's WinterSmith Tour last night, a great live performance of excerpts from this folk-rock band and the numbers ranged as you might expect from out and out rock to folksy ballads.

The concert even included a team of Morris dancers on stage, when they played The Dark Morris Tune/Song .

If you are a fan of Steeleye Span, this one is for you. A little different from their usual but still wonderfully listenable.

BTW they also did a few old favourites like Thomas The Rhymer, Gaudete and All Around My Hat.

All round, a great evenings entertainment. Reviewed here by me