Wednesday, 24 April 2013

It has been a little while since posting and to be quite honest it is likely to be rather slow for a while whilst I settle in to another site, BUBBLEWS. A great social blogging site which pays not only for views but also for social interactions on the site. I am thinking really of mothballing this site and my other blogger blogs, I have been managing to maintain six (7 if a shared blog is counted) blogs but the lack of views and comments is a little discouraging. BUBBLEWS has given me a new joy in blogging and as I say is actually paying me. I thought that this YouTube video deserved to be seen by a few people so in the probably forlorn hope that someone is interested I am posting it her on this blog. One of my old songs, and like most of the rest of my vids on YT is performed without any real rehearsal. take it or leave it it is the song I am hoping to leave for posterity not my performance.


 If you should fancy trying out this new social blogging site then join me at Bubblews