Saturday, 23 February 2013

A refresher - videos of some of my songs

I seem to have been letting this blog down, I have seven blogs in total and have been making at least one post a week (sometimes more) in all of them except this one. I have got to do something about that.

Well the last post was about the ukelele which I received as a christmas present from my guitarist son. he is actually becoming something of a multi-instrumentalist and perhaps he is pushing me in the same direction. Unfortunately I do not have his excellent abilities with musical instruments. I have actually found learning to play the uke quite fun, I guess that I had a little start since I can play the guitar however in another way I have found it very confusing. Using the same (almost) chord shapes to play differently named chord has upset the way that I usually play. I play by ear. I know if I start in a particular key, then there are a limited number of chords which I will use for the song I am playing. But if I play a simple chord like the G on the guitar it is actually C on the (four) strings of the Uke. So the potential chord shapes are a very different set on the Uke compared to the guitar - is this making sense?

Where I am used to playing by ear, I am now having to learn the chord sequences and for mostly new songs, since I am learning songs which suite the Ukelele.

The videos I promised are not yet available as I am not impriving as quickly as I hoped. They will come in time; I am sure.

In the meantime, please take a trip over to my Squidoo page on "how to write memorable song lyrics", where you can see/hear a few of my early songs with a guitar backing. Hope that you will be able to enjoy them. they were actually recorded after I heard a special cousin was given four weeks to live after losing a long battle with cancer. Here is a taster:-

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