Sunday, 28 October 2012

A Songwriting Resource I would recommend

This post I just want to mention a great resource for songwriting,

Success for your songs dot com by Anthony Cesari is a great mine of information. By signing up to the site for free you get a free e-book, "How To Write A Song" which has a number of unique tips to get you out of a rut and into writing songs that zing.

Additionally you will receive a bi-weekly newsletter featuring new articlecs on the site. The site itself has an archive which is full of useful advice on the skill and business of songwriting and even recording your songs. A plus is that Anthony Cesari will usually give examples by referring to material on You tube so that you can see his advice in action.

Well worth a look and signing up. It is completely free for access to a great resource for songwriters. One of the best which I have come across. try it and see if you.

Just in case you wonder, I have no link with this site and recieve no benefits for recommending it to you. It won't guarantee a great song but it sure does help.