Tuesday, 6 November 2012

I Go Mad Buying An E-book

I am very sceptical of e-books that are advertised on the internet, and very rarely buy books that claim to be the greatest thing since sliced bread.

However, quite coincidentally, after the last post I received a chance (via email) of buying a book to give me the secrets of writing songs that will sell. Quite honestly I always take the point of view that if these kind of claims were true then the author would not need to be wasting time selling e-books.

But I had been more and more wowed by the tips by Anthony Ceseri, the writer of the blog, Success For Your Songs. I recommended this site last week and suggested that you might like to sign up to receive the free newsletter. I weakened when I saw this book and wondered if it might be worth it. His tip in the newsletter later in the week was particularly good and really hit home. 

I decided there and then (so decisive, LOL) to go for it and buy a copy. This decision was helped by the fact that I had just had a tier one lens (=webpage) on Squidoo, Top Ten Subjects For Art That Sells, which had earned me something on the range of $50 this month. Easy come - easy go.

This was my email confirmation - sorry the link won't work in this screen shot.

And to boot the inevitable bonus offers

I was actually so amazed by the tips contained in the book that I spent some time reading it that evening. If you did browse his site and register, then don't wonder about this book it is so worth it. 

BTW I don't get anything for recommending it - no affiliate fees for any sales or anything like that. It really has just blown me away.

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