Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Make Money By Listening To Music

Yes it does seem to be too good to be true but by listening to new bands/artists on slice the pie AND (yes there is a catch) writing a short review you can get paid.

In my limited experience, the rate of pay is actually quite good. It does seem to be above board - read a review of the site on Squidoo.

I found the site today and spent a little time listening and writing several reviews and because my reviews were accepted as "good" I soon strated to rise thru the levels and was earning $0.28 per review. After less than 10 reviews I had earnt a total of $2.29. Admitedly not a life changing amount but over a month if I do a couple a day, it will be a nice addition to my internet earnings. I can see this being $40-50 per month. As much as everything else put together.

I will come back and report on how I get on with the reviewing / earning when I have a little more experience on the site. But for now it definitely looks good enough to give it a try.

You get paid depending on several factors; the better the review, the more you get paid. Being specific and providing information to help the performers/artists will soon increase the money you can get paid per review. As you write "good reviews" you will be rewarded with promotion to higher levels which in turn allows you to earn more per review.