Saturday, 23 June 2012

Create your own music on-line - A fun site

I really don't seem to have much to say about guitar music these days although I am still as much into it as ever. Seems that life is stacked against me.

My latest CD is a new collection of covers by the Telstar Boys, The Tornados, on the theme of science fiction. Titles such a Red Dwarf, Logan's Run, Star Trek and of course Star Wars abound. Telstar is of course included with a couple of numbers off their first EP. I used to have a copy but my wife managed to persuade me into parting with my 45's when the kids were young and we needed space in the house. This new CD features Clem Cattini ( drummer!!) who is the only original member of the band. If this type of music appeals to you, you could do worse than to check this out.

Available at Amazon

But now to the real reason for this post. Came across a fun web site today. If you want to make a little music by drag and drop, try out Incredibox and even listen to a loop that I created in a few seconds. Got me rocking! have fun with this great little site, record your own and let me know.
My musicians on incredibox - thanks guys.