Monday, 26 March 2012

Shadows style guitar meeting at Shrewsbury

Well the Shrewsbury meet came and went. I am so glad that I went along and took my fender (see the previous post).

There were fewer people there than had been expected but those of us who were there had a ball, at least I think so I know that I did. It is actually the first time that I have "performed" in front of an audience and boy was I nervous. I was sweating so much (it was a very warm day for March, 22 deg C) that I almost dropped the plectrum a couple of times but managed to sort out where I was and carry on. I played a couple of easy numbers to start with:

It's Been  Blue Day and Geronimo

And in a second session, I decided to rock things up a little with:-

Gonzalez and Shindig

It was on Gonzalez that I nearly lost the plectrum, but as I looked up in agony I was given a sign to carry on and found my place and did just that. Boy was I nervous but also I really enjoyed myself. Here is a video of the late Jet Harris playing lead on Gonzalez at Shadodwmania 2010.

And Shindig, on the Shadows final tour

I don't think my versions were this good but at least I gave a good showing for a first timer if the comments from the "pros" were to be believed

Most of the guys were hardened at this sort of thing and played really well. I have to say that I enjoyed myself and look forward to the next time. My thanks to Mark and Noel for a great day.