Thursday, 8 March 2012

Me and my Guitar

Ok,I know this is only a filler, things are still hectic at home and time on the PC is at a premium. But I have just found a new(ish) forum on the web for all lovers of Hank Marvin, especially if you are into the technical aspects of the guitar and eequipment and recording.

They are having a "Shadows" get-together in a  few weeks and I am hoping to go along to meet some of the guys, many of whom are great guitar players. Just one example:

I decided I needed a relevant T-shirt for the meeting. But not too relevant. So I have designed and purchased my own Tee from Zazzle.

Yes I know I am holding the fender wrongly, but I wanted to show off the image on the shirt. There is actually some text below the image, "Rock 'n' Roll". (now for the advert: you can of course buy one of these fashionable items from my Zazzle store They come in several different styles and colours).

It is also worth mentioning the other forum relating to The Shadows, The Shadows Music Community which has been going for a lot longer and has more contributors.

Well I am looking forward to the meeting, let you know how it turns out.