Sunday, 26 February 2012

Forums related to Hank Marvin and The shadows

Are you into The Shadows and Hank Marvin or maybe just into guitars or guitar instrumentals; well this post I thought that I would bring a couple of forums to your attention.

Both have lots of technical help, and lots of recorded music by the members. One is a long-time established site and one is relatively new and therefore has fewer members at the moment. But if you want to find out about guitars, related sound equipment and recording, you can most likely get anawers to any issues you may have from either of these forums.

The ShadowMusic Community is the more established of the two. It offers not only chat, but links to TAB for Shadows related tunes, music files from members and links to many Shadows related sites.

Hank Marvin SOUND & TECHNICAL is a relative newcomer but as it says on the tin, appears to much more technically orientated. Again sound files from members are supported on the forum and you can find links to Backing Tracks, BT's. Took me a while to learn what the initials stood for, LOL.

For my own tributse to my favourite group:-
Hank Marvin
Bruce Welch
The Shadows, The Legend
Rythm and Greens
Brian Bennett - in preparation
Jet Harris and Tony Meehan - in preparation