Saturday, 7 May 2011

A Concert From The Barron Knights

Do You remember these guys? Duke D'mond and the Barron Knights.

Unfortunately Duke D'mond is no longer with us but Pete Langford now leads The Barron Knights, the BK's as they are frequently referred to, on tours playing to fans, they have recently completed their 50th anniversary tour.

I took my son (now 40) and his stepson (17) to see this band last night. I hope they had a great time, I certainly did. I had two very pleasant surprises. The first was that they played many of my old favourites from the rock and roll years and their three part harmonies were excellent. The second was that Pete is an excellent guitarist. Whch he proved by playing The William Tell Overture and Malaguena, the latter on an acoustic guitar.

If you don't remember the band, they became famous for writing their own "amusing lyrics" to parody hits of the day. Their first big hit was, "Call Up The groups" in 1964. They supported The Beatles and The Rolling Stones in concert the only group to have done this.

Well as I said I certainly enjoyed myself, joining in with many of the old favourites with a large proportion of the audience. The concert was called, "The Songs Of Our Lives", they certainly got that right for me. I even came away buying a couple of CD's, although to be fair they were offering a second free as an inducement to buy their 50th anniversary CD.

One number they played was a Lonnie Donegan number which they performed at a tribute concert for Lonnie after his death, read more about this on my Squidoo lens, Lonnie Donegan - The King Of Skiffle.

Thanks for your time, be back again soon.