Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Jet Harris, Bass Guitarist of The Shadows - RIP

I have been writing a series of Squidoo lenses (lens = a single page web-site focusing on a niche topic) featuring the Shads and the members of the group over the past 50 years, So far I have not got very far, I have mostly completed the first on Hank Marvin and made a start on Bruce Welch. I have also made a lens on their only feature film, Rythm and Greens. The whole of the short film is brought together via three You Tube videos.

I have not yet published the lens on the group itself as I was intending to deal with the original members before completing the lens for The Shadows themselves. And then loook at Brian Bennett, John Rostil, John Farrar and the bassists who have played with them over their career as the UK's top instrumental group.

I have just learned of the death, due to cancer, of Jet Harris. He was the original bassist and left whilst they were still at the top due to an issue with Cliff over Jet's first wife. They do not seem ever to have got over the issue as Jet was not asked to tour with the Shads on the 50th anniversary tour and their world tour with Cliff recently. I was lucky enough to meet Jet after concerts he gave for Shadows fans and more recently on his UK tours to promote a new CD, The Journey.

The following is a track from the CD, called San Antonio

This next video was also from the same CD, a reworking of the original hit from Jet and Tony Meehan.

I hope to complete the task I have set myself with respect to the Shads especially as a tribute to Jet and Tony who also passed away a couple of years ago.

As I said above I was lucky enough to meet Jet and once after a spot in a Shadows  Fans meeting I ended up outside the hottel where it had been held waiting with Jet for a taxi, we had a very interesting, short conversation. The image below shows my signed copy of The Journey: