Tuesday, 25 May 2010

At last - a new song

Never really thought too much about it when I wrote it in the last post but the title did sound like a cue for a song. Now it's has been quite a while since I penned any but having started this blog, that was one of the ideas.... to get me writing again. So I took the title and sat down with my guitar and started singing. If it sounds old fashioned then that's because I am only a couple of years off my pension. I didn't really decide on the style but the metre and length of the line took me to a sort of country-rock. The words aren't very elegant,  the tune is simplistic and the guitar part is almost non-existent, so far, but at least it is the first for a long time and so I have recorded it on my digital camera ( going to have to do better now I have a blog to write for), and posted it on YouTube. here it is in all its glory:- BTW do you like the get up?

Hope you take it for what it is and enjoy it. I must sort out a better solo ( ?) for that guitar break! thanks for visiting.