Monday, 13 November 2017

Pudselele - collecting for BBC "Children In Need"

A project specifically aimed at collecting for the BBC "Children In Need" (2017) was put together by our group/club chairman. This arose out of a chance to play at some of the smaller stages at CARFEST North and South. A small group of club members were hurriedly put together with a duo which included a lead player and a vocalist. The name for this "new" group, PUDSELELE , was decided on quite quickly and  sounded just the job.

In the late summer we played a number of gigs, including some popup gigs at the Carfest festivals, North and South. The brain child of Chris Evans, a mixture of music and cars, was supported by The BBC in aid of "Children In Need"

I will possibly include another few videos in the next post, BTW our collecting buckets contained nearly £550 for the Children In Need appeal. A very pleasing amount.

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