Sunday, 28 August 2016

Severn Valley Railway Gig for UKULELE-CENTRAL-UK

Wow what a day!

We started early at Kidderminster station and before we had finished the group had split into two bands and played 10 sets at three of the stations on this famous volunteer run railway. Pardon my taking the opportunity but I thought that you might like to see the tall guy, me, in more detail. So here I am:-

BTW Phil, our leader, was trying to encourage a little audience participation when the photo was taken.

The group settled down at Kidderminster and played a set of half-a-dozen well-loved songs, mainly from the sixties although a couple had a lesser vintage. We then split into two bands and went our separate ways. More music at Bridgenorth at the other end of the line and at Highley, where there is a new purpose built visitor centre and museum.

At Bridgenorth, our official photographer (Kath?) seems to have been more interested in the audience in this shot:-

BTW, I am third from the camera in this photo, that's me wearing the dark glasses!

And in the museum, we set up a stage between two steam engines, perhaps a comment on our music. Who Knows?

There I am again in the middle of the action, You would think that being a tall guy, I should be on the back line, where I might be able to take it a little easier at times.

Anyway, everybody had a very enjoyable, if "wearying" time. thanks to all at The Severn Vally Railway.

Hope to be back with news of more gigs in the next few weeks.