Saturday, 30 July 2016

Desperado - An acoustic cover of this great song on the ukulele

I came across this great number quite recently and thought to myself that it would be an ideal song to include in my list of numbers which are not often converted to a ukulele version. Probably the key should come down a little for my comfort but for this trial run I was more concerned with how I would play the backing on the uke. I am still learning but trying to stretch myself a little more with each new song I learn. BTW, sorry for the poor video - but as I said it was only a trial of the song.

The mike stand also intrudes but hey, what are you expecting, perfection? Again, I was concerned that I was only using the built in mike and wanted to try out another; to try and improve the ratio of volume between my voice and the uke. My set-up is very basic and anything to improve it should be trialed. Cash is not something I have a lot to spare for this hobby. Maybe if I ever get to a position where I am more than enjoying myself, I will invest a little cash, but in the meantime enjoy if you can forgive the quality.

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