Thursday, 26 March 2015

Photos from our first two concerts (UkuleleCentralUK)

I have mentioned the ukulele club which I have joined (must be once or twice at least, LOL) and there is now a FaceBook group set up for the club. It is an open group so anyone can browse. Of course not too much to read or see at the moment but it may be of interest to ukulele lovers (you know who you are!).

Find it at

I have " borrowed" a couple of photos from our first concerts; the first a Christmas concert and the second in support of Comic Relief - though thankfully not a red nose in sight. Just to complement the photos of me in my "red" get-up for the red-nose day theme.

They do say that "X" marks the spot but in this case the black arrow is pointing at me on the back row trying to be inconspicuous. Well actually, I am one of the tallest members of the group.

I have to admit that I picked up one of my guitars last week - the first time in ages. During which time we have been spending a lot of time developing a repertoire of songs for the ukulele group. IAt first I was baffled by the number of strings, it just didn't seem right. I am going to have to make sure that I play the six-string more regularly just to stay in touch.

Well, off for more practice (with the uke) our next concert is only three weeks away.

PS I have been asked to repeat my solo spot on that occasion. I ought to let you know that I am not the only soloist during the evening. AND I am told we are getting paid for the gig. The money will be going towards a club PA system. At the moment we rely heavily on one of our members for this facility.

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