Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Brief review & comparison of a Gretsch G9120 with a Stagg UC70-S ukulele

Yes I know that the Gretsch is a tenor and the Stagg is a concert; but as a new owner I am interested in exactly how the sounds compare. And wether they will be interchangeable or one or the other is more suited to particular songs.

For convenience here are the product descriptions from Amazon:

The Stagg UC70S Concert Ukulele has been built using this dedicated approach to delivering a product of exceptional quality at an affordable price.The body and neck of the ukulele are constructed from rich mahogany, a wonderfully warm tonewood that offers a deep and resonant tone.The headstock, fingerboard and bridge are built using the highly resilient and widely used rosewood. The neck offers a spacious 15" scale length that houses a well accommodated and comfortable to play 19 frets. The tuning pegs are geared in order to prevent unwanted tuning slippage whilst playing.The ukulele is given extra protection from wear and tear with the addition of a natural matt finish, which allows the natural aesthetic of the wood to shine through.
Gretsch G9120 Std. Tenor Ukulele, laminated mahogany body, 2 pieces mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard, 19 frets, grover STA-TITE tuners.

Here are two sound files, the Gretsch does seem to have a fuller sound - but both very similar. Each short sound file comprises the same chord riff and an extended chord playing each string ...

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Check my last post for more of my thoughts on the instruments.