Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Song Writing Week

A week of tips and ideas for song writers and potential songwriters on MUSIC RADAR , the usual tips relate to the craft of songhwriting and often the theory behind it all (see some of my earlier posts). I thought that this blog would be about song writing but, well, you see ..... things got in the way.

However I have just found this great idea from Music Radar(.)com and it is well worth reading for any potential songwriter. The basis of the ideas is that if you can play, you can write. Certainly the musical side. The lyrics can look after themselves apparently.

40 ideas to write better songs, get those guitars out and start writing. Just very practical notions to get you producing more and better crackers. Give it a whirl and make it happen.

A related link to Total Guitar (April 2013 issue 240) suggests 50 ways to write better songs but after trying to read the mag on-line, I am totally confused.  Maybe you have to download the mag to read the article. But I haven't tried to do that yet.

There are a number of videos (5) which take the writer/guitarist through using standard chord progressions to form the basis for a new song. Nothing really new there however -in fact a little old hat since we should, as songwriters, be looking for something new. Of course that doesn't mean that an old and well used chord progression can't produce really wonderful songs.