Saturday, 26 May 2012

Songwriting, the original reason for starting this blog

I keep coming back to this, but the reason I started to write this blog was to look at resources for songwriters on the internet. Not so much the tools and technical side ( although I have considered this of late) but where to find help with the hard work of writing. It seems that there are numerous sites which offer help for the songwriter of all degrees of experience. Many of these also talk about performance, publishing and marketing. I have just updated my Squidoo lenses which cover this subject and have found a number of blogs which have not found a place on those pages.

I thought it would be useful to make a list of the blogs which I came across for future reference. Some are better than others and the subjects covered are an eclectic mixture, so if you use this list as a starting point you may well need to be selctive depending upon what you need or are searching for.

My Squidoo Lenses:

How To Write Memorable Song Lyrics

Useful Blogs:

How To Write A Song ( included because of this one posting mainly - use of Audacity SW).