Sunday, 6 February 2011

New Squidoo Lens featuring videos of Lonnie Donegan

Still Fighting the knee. It is getting better slowly but is taking so long. To be expected I am told but I am so impatient.

What is Squidoo Lens ?

It is a single page web site which aims to focus on a small niche area, to bring information together in a useful and afficient way. I was going thru' my music collection and pulled out something I had not played for a very long time. Lonnie Donegan used to be a favourite of mine and he is such a legend. groups such as the Beatles and my own favourites The Shadows started off playing as skiffle groups following the craze virtually invented by Lonnie.

He had major hits around the world, broke records at many major theatres and set a trend which still affects the music we hear today. Take a look at the Lens on Squidoo and read all about him.

 Here is a taster to wet your appetite:-

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