Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Just had to add a video of Joe Brown

One of my favourite early sixties singers/musicians whi is still packing them in around the UK

I have just writen a Squidoo Lens about Joe, Nothing new to add really but it is a site mostly viewed by the US and if it helps to get Joe any recognition then I am sure that it is a great thing. Find the lens on Squidoo

But if you need a faster fix, why not view this You Tube video of a live performance of Joe and The Bruvvers singing (and playing) "I'll See You In My Dreams" a song with which Joe usually finishes his act these days. Also it was the song that ended the Concert For George, in memory of George Harrison who was a great friend of Joe's.

I am still having problems with finding time to research songwriting help on the internet. Hopefully this will not last much longer than Christmas, as I will have had my knee operation and be confined to home for a good few weeks. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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