Saturday, 20 November 2010

Back to The Shadows and their short film Rythm & Greens

And now for something Completely different.

I seem to be selecting You Tube Videos for this blog. I am having a great time, so much to choose from and then all in one easily acccesibl place for some favourites. But here was a surprise for me. The whole of The Shadows first ( and only?) film, "Rythm & Greens" is available there in three parts. I have posted some details about the film and the links to these three parts on my Squidoo Lens of the same name.

The three parts are available for viewing and although the humour is often a little strained, it is a product of its time and should be enjoyed by all fans. ( and that is an order!)

Find the videos on my lens

and just for old times sake, here is a reminder of how they used to look

Don't they look serious, obviously had a goal in mind.