Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Bob Dylan was my inspiration

MAny moons ago, too many to remember... I had a guitar for christmas. Bod Dylan was beginning to make vaves with his early folksy material and I was hooked on his songs. he was the reason that I started writing my own songs althought some of the early examples of mine are a little cringeworthy. I very rarely perform these for anyone although I do still sing some of them in private. But I was a very young teenager, having just started grammar school. But it started me on to a life long "hobby" and that's all it has been for me. The occasional party or after a few drinks has been the limit of my achievement. Not so much lack of ambition but more a complete lack of belief in myself in this field of endeavour.

Anyway enough reminiscing ( aahh........... Buddy Holly, but that's another story), I thought it only right to include a Bob Dylan song on the blog, and I just happen to have one which I recorded earlier. Not a great performance, it was recorded at the same time as two other songs and I simply forgot to move the capo up a few frets. I seem to be saying the words rather than singing them. Nevermind the guitar work is not too bad. Again, forget the lighting a consequence of a late night recording session nwith a poor diogital camera. Here it is then, "Don't think twice, it's alright".

There you go then, nnow I really am running out of videos from Youtube so will have to get sorted and reecord some fresh material, hope that you will be back, thanks for getting this far.

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