Sunday, 19 March 2017

Ukulele Central in concert

As many of you know by now Ukulele Central UK gives many concerts at many different functions. Some we perform at for free, although a small donation helps in our charitable work. Many of our concerts are for charitable functions/orgaisations. Our latest - and something we are looking forward to is to play at the BBC CARFEST music festivals held to raise money for children in need. Can't say too much about these yet but should be happening in July and August this year.

We have played at residential homes, private parties, ladies night at the masonic lodge in Moseley, A ukulele festival at Warwick Racecourse (our first big occasion). We have played at at least three beer festivals for different organisations. We have given concerts at Church Halls and WI  and I must not forget our christmas parties. One of our most enjoyable performances was a day with The Severn Valley Railway. Maybe I should say more about this in its own post.

Concert at the WI Solihull

Our Christmas party 2016

Note: this blog is a personal view and any bookings, etc, should be discussed with our group leader for before finalisation.