Thursday, 22 September 2016

And Then there were four ...

It had to come, "ukulele acquisition syndrome" (UAS) knows no bounds, I did conquer a similar problem with guitars some years back and now have another fight on my hands.

My first uke was a Stagg, one of the higher end models from this supplier. Because it offers inexpensive imported models for schools at low cost of course, Stagg ukes often get poor reviews. I found my concert UC70 a great mid-range instrument. Yes, much more expensive models are better but by how much? listening to some of the reviews and comparisons, I think the player has much more to do with the sound than the instrument.

My second was a Gretch C9120. I wanted a tenor (slightly larger scale length) since I was having some difficulty holding some chords. My fingers did not seem to have enough room on the fretboard. I walked into a music shop whilst on a weekend away, asked about tenors, and they showed me the only one in the shop. I took it down off the wall, tuned it and played a few notes/chords. I loved it and walked out of the shop with a new tenor ukulele.

Now the third was a little bit of an experiment; I had by now become used to the fretboard on the concert uke and wondered if I could play a smaller instrument effectively. I did borrow some ukes at the club I go to but did not seem to have enough time with them. This "shop display model" came up on Ebay and it was such a good offer ( and the on-line reviews made it out to be a great starter uke) si I snatched the sellers hand off and I hade my third. Oh yes, it is an "Octopus". and I found it quite suitable for myself.

Now this last (and it will have to be the last (space constraints at home!!!) is also a Stagg, it is a UC80, very similar to the concert above but has all solid wood body rather than just a solid top. Anyway, although there is no built-in tuner, I decided to go for it. Again a very, very good offer on Ebay. Half the price of other suppliers and a third of the rec'ed retail price. How do you not go for it?
Besides I already have tuners.

Need to record a few tunes from this uke to give you all a taste - look out for the posts - soon!

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