Monday, 27 July 2015

Why record yourself at home?

Does this seem like a silly question?

One or two of my musical (and let's face it not-so musical) friends seem surprised that I bother to record myself singing and playing. Or there is a feeling that I am fooling myself about my abilities and why on earth should anybody want to hear my renditions of classic songs.

Well, I though about this question and decided that I record myself for one main reason. I want to get better!

By recording myself I can hear where my problems are. It is difficult to listen to yourself objectively whilst playing/singing and so I can get a better idea of my progress and make notes about where I specifically need to concentrate my practice time. And as for whether I am good enough to share my music - have you heard some of the stuff getting posted on the web?

I guess that when I first started recording myself it was an effective way of sharing my song-writing. I had written many songs over the early decades of my life but never shared them outside a very small circle of friends and then only a few of the songs. I give the reason I started recording my songs in this YouTube video:

And here is a second:

Still have only recorded a few but at least they exist where they can be heard. 
You can find half-a-dozen on You Tube associated with this playlist.

Well I think that I have good reasons for recording my poor efforts.