Saturday, 15 February 2014

The Savage from The Shadows - Pop Guitar History

I was idly listening to my record collection, most of it on MP3 these days so I get to hear the classical oldies quite frequently, and I was struck by how good the early Shadows guitar instumental really were. Now I have not mentiuoned them for a while so thought it was time that I did a post on my all-time favourite guitar band again.

For starters, here is a classic rendition of Man Of Mystery, boy that tuneful yet masterly rocking guitar work by Hank makes my spine tingle. Of course, you musr remember this is a live performance from 1980 and so sounds just a little aged.


The difference between this and the much later version of the Stranger is so marked and says a lot about the development of the rigs and sound systems over the years. 


If you want more by this great combo, why not browse over to my tribute article to Hank Marvin, or alternatively a similar article for Bruce Welch. Lots to read, see and listen to.

Even if you think you know The Shadow's story, you could find something to surprise you.

More Shadow's stuff next time, I probably wouldn't have learnt to play if it hadn't been for them. Even now Apache still knocks me out, what about you.