Sunday, 27 October 2013

Sing-a-long songs with a simple ukelele backing

I have written about the ukelele I was given recently, and my desire to learn to play it. I found because of the similarity of the chord shapes and the different tunings, I was confusing my guitar and uke playing. I.e...

G, C and D7 shapes on the guitar were actually  C, F and G7 on the uke.

Not a problem for some perhaps but as a learner it presented me with a problem. So I decided that uke practice would be with songs which I would not normally sing with a guitar backing. I found lots of songs on the internet and found that those from the thirties and fourties and similar were sounding good with simple chord backings. Which was great for learning with.

I eventually recorded a number of these using Goldwave, for listening to my progress. Having found Soundwave (see previous posts) I have now posted a few of these - and there will be more in a playlist called "Ukelele Sing Song"

Here is an embedded version of the playlist, I hope that you may enjoy listening to it. Again it is not guitar related although I certainly bash out the rythm on the uke, LOL