Monday, 14 October 2013

An Experiment with Samples and Sequencing

OK, this is another post which doesn't concern guitars, but it's my blog and I make the rules!

A few years ago (2005/6) I got excited by a program which my son purchased and I really enjoyed creating some "music" using samples from a huge collection of all sorts of genres, and putting them together using a sequencer. I think it was Acid/Sound Forge but I am not sure. I need to check with my son and see if there is anything that is on the web and comes free which will do the same job.

The songs I created by this technique were burned to a CD and it somehow got forgotten over the intervening years. Recently I have found it again and have now uploaded all nine tracks (47 minutes of playtime) onto SoundCloud. You can hear the playlist of all the tracks on the CD at

I intend to upload more music from my early days, although the quality may be a little rough and maybe re-record some of my favourite songs. A lot of music I have available is on cassette tape and in the end the quality maay determine if it is worth uploading. This seems a better bet than the videos which I have been posting onto You Tube.

I would love it if you could find a little time to listen to some of the tracks on SoundCloud anad maybe even make a short comment. Please feel free to criticise, I am not looking for meaningless comments. But do remember this is the result of several days playing around and nothing more. I feel that the technique has a lot of potential though.